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I am A.C. Wilson, author of the adult contemporary western romance group, Black Hills Series and the young adult contemporary romance, Levi & Taryn Series. Watch for my newest western romance series, Welcome To Wesley! 

I am a farmer's daughter, born and raised in western Nebraska. Currently I live in Abilene, Kansas with my husband, two boys, our chocolate lab and two cats. 

All my life has been centered around family, our history, faith and loyalty. I began writing with the sole purpose of telling amazingly real-life stories with characters that a reader can relate to. For my young adult books, I wanted young women to know that they can be strong, independent and valuable without their self-esteem balancing on what men think. I want to empower everyone to love themselves without fear. 

Join me on each journey! Leave me comments and reviews! I really want to know what you think and what you would like to see me write next.